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About Us

LoVinMe Clothing (LVM) was born from the dream of being able to purchase great quality and affordable clothing in Trinidad and Tobago, without having to pay outlandish shipping, duties/taxes on your goods and especially wasting your time, energy and money.

LVM carried out a local survey, which helped us identify women’s major fears about online
shopping, where the most common responses were: “I wish returns were easier”, “clothes don’t always fit on me as they
did on the model”,“I stopped shopping online because of the ridiculous shipping and handling fees”.

LVM focuses on fixing these issues;we have a range of fantastic worldwide suppliers that guarantee excellent quality
at affordable prices.

We strive to be in tune with all Caribbean seasonal wear: fete/carnival season, wedding season, Emancipation, Diwali and others.

Our Promise

LoVinMe Clothing promises to always deliver great quality at affordable prices. We are also committed to all women,
their body/shape,their style, and their comfort. We at LVM want you to be more confident when shopping online with us.

What styles to expect from LoVinme:

We are strong believers in the power of simplicity, therefore we love giving you basic items that can be transformed
into several looks.The office wear into a Friday after work outfit or the bodysuit that can be worn a million times…
Some of us have a unique style #alwayssexy or #jeansforlife while others just do not have a defined style #sexy
#comfy #gym #whatevermymoodis. LVM is a mixture of American affordability, with the Caribbean and Latin flavor.